Vectorly AI Filters Library

Vectorly AI Filters Library

@vectorly-io/ai-filters 1.5.1

Vectorly AI Filters Library

Vectorly's AI Filters library enhances video experience in real-time in the browser. Sign up on AI Filters Dashboard to start using the library.

Detailed library reference documentation is at


The easiest way to load Vectorly's AI Filters library directly via CDN

To load a specific filter, load vectorly.<FilterName>.js file


NPM package

You can also load Vectorly's AI Filters library through NPM. See the following github repo for a working demo.

Installation Using yarn

yarn add @vectorly-io/ai-filters

Using npm

npm install --save @vectorly-io/ai-filters


You can import all filters using

import vectorly from '@vectorly-io/ai-filters';
// Use background filter as vectorly.BackgroundFilter

You can also import as

import { BackgroundFilter } from '@vectorly-io/ai-filters';

If using webpack v5, you can also use

import BackgroundFilter from '@vectorly-io/ai-filters/background';